E-1211 Marine Boom Cutter  50″ cutter bat w/ bottom skis is ideal for underwater continuous mowing of aquatic vegetation and shoreline vegetation.  Unit is self-powered, gas or hydraulic, and includes quick change deck mount.  Package Includes: Universal / Stand Alone Boom Cutter, Cutter Controls, Honda Gx-390 Gas Motor Hydraulic System, Weedo Captain Seat, and Quick-Change DeckRack. Weight 600lbs.
   SiltSucker SiltSucker quick-change snorkel attachment with 3-inch gas powered diaphragm pump is ideal for silt and sediment removal.  Snorkel is easily maneuvered to target sediment build up as areas and discharge host can pump slurry up to 250 ft.  with a flow of up to 5200 gal/hr.  (Boat not included)>
SP1015G    Pole saw  ACS Hydraulic Chainsaw with 77″ fiberglass pole and 12″ bar. Equipped with 20′ host and fittings.
WA-1016    Bimini  TigerCat T-Top Assembly Includes Sea Base Mount, Steel Powder Coated Black T-Top Frame & marine Sunbrella Bimini. Requires Premium TC Seat (item# WDR-5210.1)
SP-8010.1/WM-9039    Lift Kit  S/S Lift Brackets & Mounting Hardware (sold as a set of 4) and Quad Leg Nyulon Sling with Masters Links 2″ x 6′ for lifting TigerCat.
WDR-5107.2    Root Rake  Durable, quick-change, Steel Root Rake.  Ideal for uprooting cattails and other shoreline vegetation.
A-1467    Loader Bucket Skimmer  Skimmer Insert used for collecting algae/duckweed, aquatic fragmentation, and other small particles.  Easily attaches to TigerCat loader bucket and covered with replaceable Weedo A-1409 EBH fine particle bags.
A-1409    Mesh roll for EBH or RSB bagging systems  500′ roll of reinforced, rugged nylon netting material sewn into a continuous tube for use with all EBH and RSB systems.  Typically a 3′ length of this material can contain 85lbs of waste.  Ideal for collecting algae, duckweed, fish kill or trash.  Reusable. Roll weight 20lbs.
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