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If vegetation is clogging your pond or destroying your view, it’s time to do something about it. Stop allowing weeds to take over your waterways by investing in a lake weed cutter like Weedoo. We are the industry’s leading manufacturers of lake removal equipment and pond weed control products. Our machines are specifically designed to remove even the toughest of lake weed in an eco-friendly way. The unique hull of our compact aquatic harvesters gives them the stability of larger harvesters, while still allowing them to maneuver around docks with ease.

Whether you need a boom cutter, AquaHarvester, or skim bag, get rid of your aquatic vegetation the Weedoo way.

Weedoo is the industry’s leading manufacturer of aquatic weed harvesters and weed cutters. We value our natural resources and thanks to people like

you who seek out solutions to preserve nature, we will win the fight to clean aquatic vegetation from our waterways!

Weedoo aquatic weed harvesters are rugged machines that are designed to tackle the toughest lake weed removal jobs in the most extreme and challenging aquatic weed conditions.

Weedoo compact aquatic harvesters are easy to maneuver around docks with their zero turn capability. These aquatic harvesters have the stability of harvesters several times their size because of a unique hull design which allows maximum payload and balance. Weedoo aquatic harvesters are easy to launch without the need for paved boat ramps.

Weedoo TC 3000 Series

Weedoo Siltsucker

Weedoo Aquaharvester

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