Green Bullet

The Green Bullet is the only natural, fast acting and effective solution for clearing vacant and algae filled swimming pools, ponds and other stagnant bodies of water displaying heavy algae growth.

The Green Bullet is for use in ponds to clear algae and keep it clear. Ponds with aquatic life are very unique fragile environment and the Green Bullet is all natural and safe for these environments.  The need to see the fish and plants in a pond setting is the primary reason for which we developed the Green Bullet.  Because the Green Bullet is not a gas it will remain in the body of water indefinitely and continue to stay active. Accelerated levels of algae in ponds are caused by three key factors – abundant food, light and water. By removing and or altering one or more of these life essential elements, it creates an unstable environment for the algae to grow, thus eliminating it naturally!

  • All Natural & Eco-Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Works for 4-6 months with One Treatment
  • Safe for the Environment, Fish & Plants
  • Clarifies Water in 72 Hours
  • Proprietary Blend of Polymeric Salts
  • Will Not Harm Pool Finish


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